Bruce portrait

I’m Bruce Kennedy.

I ran for Secretary of State of Minnesota on November 7, 2006.

I lost.

I am keeping my campaign website up for a while as a resource for election information and to make people regret that they didn't support me. Please peruse the site and enjoy the attempts at humor along the way.

Thank you to everybody who took the time to look at this website. I didn't win, but in time, my ideas will. These ideas include:

1. Foster confidence in elections by appointing a nonpartisan chief election official and by obtaining open source, modular, non-proprietary voting equipment.

2. Upgrade our voting equipment to measure rankings. The race for governor in Minnesota showed clearly why we need to be able to rank our choices and require that the winner be endorsed by the majority. Ranked Voting can improve our leadership.

3. Focus more on quality of vote, rather than quantity. In other words, we put too much emphasis on urging people to vote and not enough on urging them to ignore the ads that corrupt our process. See Voters' Responsibilities. A related essay is When Voters Go Stupid.

I made some satirical ads during the campaign that are worth a look.

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Is IRV unconstitutional in Minnesota? You Be the Judge

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