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We don't need a Secretary of State

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Municipalities should have the right to choose ranked voting

Partisan Crossfire Over ID at the Polling Place

Ways to alleviate fear of fraud without suppressing the vote


San Francisco Saves $1 Million Using Ranked Choice Voting

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MCCL Not Fair To Minnesotans

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Burlington, Vermont--a Successful Instant Runoff Mayoral Election

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The most powerful thing you can do to improve politics in Minnesota is to support ranked voting. Find out how ranked voting can reduce polarization, increase participation, encourage more choices, and turn the focus from divisive issues to real solutions. Votersí Rights.


HAVA--The Feds giveth and the Feds taketh away. (Voting equipment, today and tomorrow)

Ireland has the Best Electoral System in the World

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About This Campaign

My name is Bruce Kennedy. I am running for Secretary of State of Minnesota. The election is November 7, 2006...more

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Why am I running for Secretary of State?

The secretary of state is the chief election administrator in Minnesota. And in a democracy, it is paramount that people have confidence in elections. I'm very interested in process. And I believe if the process is good, then the results will be good. I'll be fair to all the political parties, because I like all the political parties. I believe they all have good principles. But sometimes those principles conflict. And when the electoral process is functioning properly, it brings the proper balance of those principles at that particular time. What I will strive to do to is have a fair process.

What are the duties of the Secretary of State?

Why we need a neutral Secretary of State

Neutral SOS Page

What party am I running in?

I am running as an independent. I believe the state coordinator of elections should not be tied to a political party. The umpire should not be a member of one of the teams.


Could the government shutdown have been avoided if we had a ranked voting system?

It's worth considering. The electoral system is the spine of the body politic. You can have headaches or joint pain that may actually stem from a problem that is in your spine.

Now if you have a process which requires candidates to have a majority to win, so you can't simply win by getting 40%, isn't it more likely that the person who wins is somebody who can reach across and compromise? And wouldn't political parties--if they want to win--need to look to candidates who had that ability to reach across and compromise?

Other candidates

Mark Ritchie--representing the DFL Party.

Joel Spoonheim--representing the Independence Party.

Mary Kiffmeyer is the incumbent, representing the Republican Party.

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